Welcome to Artist Template

Artists should have expectations and logistics before arriving at the school. Pertinent information includes confirmation of the date(s) and time(s), location within school, program participants, where to park, how to check-in, who is the point-person on the day, any equipment brought by artist/provided by school.

You may modify this template as appropriate.


We are very excited to have you come to our school on DATE. This email is a reminder of the arrangements we have discussed.

Please plan to arrive at TIME to set up. You can park LOCATION, INSTRUCTIONS, ETC.; please refer to the attached map for directions to our school.  The school phone number is PHONE #.

NAME will meet you at DESIGNATED ENTRANCE. He/she will take you to the office to sign in and then lead you to the VENUE; E.G. CLASSROOM, GYM, AUDITORIUM, CAFETERIA.

[If the contact person is different from the Cultural Arts Rep or person meeting the artist, provide that information.]  Your contact person is NAME. His/her phone number is CELL#, IF AVAILABLE TO SHARE.

You will facilitate your program with NUMBER, GRADE-LEVEL STUDENTS IN VENUE; E.G. CLASSROOM, GYM.

The school will provide the following materials and equipment:

[Examples: dressing area, water, microphone, projector, sound, CD player, tables, chairs, etc.]

The artist will provide:

Educational materials and publicity information at least two weeks before the event.

If you have any questions, please contact me at PHONE or by e-mail at EMAIL ADDRESS. Thank you again—we are looking forward to your visit!



Cultural Arts Representative, SCHOOL