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United Arts Council

Updated Creative Vitality Index Score for Wake County Released

[Raleigh, NC]—On January 29, the United Arts Council released the second installment of the Creative Vitality Index (CVI) score for Wake County at its ninth annual State of Arts and Culture in Wake County meeting at the NC Museum of History.

The CVI was conceived as a tool that states, counties, cities and towns can use to assess and enhance their creative edge. The latest Creative Vitality Index for Wake County was 1.00 (where the national baseline score is 1.00).

In places like Boston, Seattle and Raleigh, an energetic, open atmosphere attracts good companies and skilled workers interested in a high quality of life. Every community can strengthen its economic and cultural health by fostering policies that support creative vitality.

A score of 1.0 or greater means that the area has a relatively strong arts sector, but Wake County is no longer above the national average. The 2017 updated index value for Wake County was 1.00, reflecting a creative economy in line with the national average.

"We are pleased to see that Wake County's creative industry had total industry earnings of $2.1 billion in this latest round of data, up $105 million since 2016," says Eleanor Oakley, President and CEO of United Arts. Software publishers, followed by advertising agencies, continue to lead the creative industries sector.

WHAT IS THE CREATIVE VITALITY INDEX? The CVI™ is an annual measure of the health of the creative economy in a city, county, state or other geographic area. Think of it as the volume of creativity in a given area. The creative economy as defined in the CVI™ includes for-profit and not-for-profit arts-related enterprises. Using readily available data on employment and community participation, the CVI reflects the vigor of this sector of the economy and culture.

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The United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, based in Raleigh, NC, was incorporated in 1990. Our mission is to build better communities through the support and advocacy of the arts. For the 2018/19 school year United Arts will help bring in teaching artists to 150 schools in Wake County through its Artists in Schools program. The United Arts Council also offers grants to organizations, communities and individual artists and provides services to the community such as advocacy, resource development, professional/leadership development and special projects.


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