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United Arts Council

Bluegrass Bands Headed To Wake County Schools, September 25-29, 2017

[Raleigh, N.C.]  – Ten Wake County elementary and middle schools will get a visit from bluegrass bands in Raleigh for the World of Bluegrass 2017 event, September 26-30, 2017. The designated elementary schools will get a 45-minute performance and instruction about the bluegrass tradition, while the middle/high schools will receive a one-hour master class for their strings students or a songwriting workshop.

Bands will visit Abbotts Creek Elementary (Sept. 28), Banks Road Elementary (Sept. 27), Combs Elementary (Sept. 27), Douglas Elementary (Sept. 28), Laurel Park Elementary (Sept. 25), Lead Mine Elementary (Sept. 28), Davis Drive Middle (Sept. 26), Dillard Drive Middle (Sept. 27), East Millbrook Middle (Sept. 28), and Ligon Middle (Sept. 29).

Bands involved include Ray Cardwell & Tennessee Moon, Williamson Branch, Annie Savage & The Savage Hearts, Donna Ulysse & Rick Stanley, The Tyler Williams band, and The Ebony Hillbillies.

This is Raleigh's fifth year hosting The World of Bluegrass, an annual event presented by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), in downtown Raleigh. Among other goals and activities, IBMA aims to help educators become more “bluegrass aware.” The classic bluegrass sound jelled in the mid-1940s with Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys. It is a relatively new style of music and also one of the few musical genres to originate in the United States, so it has a “roots music” cultural value for American students, in particular. Bluegrass music’s roots are in Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English traditional music, with later influences of African-American music’s jazz elements. Typical instruments include fiddle, acoustic guitar, mandolin, Dobro and upright bass.

The Bluegrass in the Schools visits were made possible by the County of Wake and the United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, in cooperation with the Wake County Public School System.

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