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United Arts Council

Application Available for 2019 Wake County Visiting Artist Residency In Documentary Photography

[Raleigh, NC]—United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County (N.C.) announces the opening of the application process for the position of Wake County Visiting Artist for 2019. Applications for the position are due April 19. This year’s visiting artist will feature a background in documentary photography. The application process is open to all photographers who meet the guideline criteria.

“United Arts is excited to bring in an innovative visiting artist to photograph events and performances throughout Wake County and work with middle and high school students, as well as other members of our community. Through this collaboration, we intend for the Wake County Visiting Artist Program to make photography more accessible to the community as a whole. We think this will be a wonderful opportunity to add to the creativity and energy that already exist in Raleigh and Wake County,” said Eleanor H. Oakley, President and CEO of United Arts Council.

Program Mission and Overview

The Visiting Artist will make a significant contribution to the artistic landscape through capturing and representing the vibrant arts community in Wake County through photography. The artist will interact with the community through photographing events and places in relation to multiple art forms: including but not limited to performances, exhibitions, and festivals. The Visiting Artist will also conduct workshops, classes, and presentations and exhibitions in the greater community. United Arts will facilitate a collaborative relationship between the Visiting Artist and the local arts community to complete program activities (below).

Program Activities

In 2019, the Visiting Artist will offer the following activities in Wake County in consultation with United Arts:

• Photograph a minimum of 80 events/performances/festivals in the 10 month period;
• Show photographs of Wake County in an exhibition or series of exhibitions;
• Encourage knowledge of photography skills for all age groups by offering at least four workshops in educational settings like middle or high schools, etc.;
• Create and lead at least four classes/workshops in the area of specialty, open to the public;
• Make public presentations where appropriate;
• Suggest future projects to inspire public engagement and support of photography; and
• Provide other instructional opportunities when available.

See full guidelines and application.

Contact Brandi Neuwirth, [email protected] or at 919-839-1498, ext. 205, for more information.

The United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, based in Raleigh, NC, was incorporated in 1990, with a mission to build better communities through the support and advocacy of the arts. For the 2017/18 school year, United Arts will help place teaching artists to 140 schools in Wake County through its Artists in Schools program. The United Arts Council also offers grants to organizations, communities and individual artists and provides services to the community such as advocacy, resource development, professional/leadership development and special projects. The grants, programs and services of United Arts reach over 1.2 million people annually in Wake County.



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