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United Arts Council

United Arts Announces $1 million Nonprofit Arts Relief Fund from Wake County

Thank you to the Wake County Commission which voted unanimously today to create a $1 million nonprofit arts relief fund that United Arts will administer! 100% of the funds will be passed on directly to organizations that have suffered directly from the social distancing requirements that help contain COVID-19.

From April to June, the Raleigh metropolitan area lost an estimated 13,616 jobs and $590 million of sales in creative industries such as art, film, fashion, and design, according to a report by the Brookings Institute. That is nearly a third of all jobs in the local industries and about 7% of sales.

We will share more details about how to apply soon! Read more here: https://covid19.wakegov.com/wake-county-seeds-covid-19…/

We also encourage individual artists and small businesses to take full advantage of all the COVID-19 relief programs that Wake County is administering, especially the Wake Forward fund, which prioritizes investing in sole proprietors, and WakeHelps, which provides utility relief for individuals.

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