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United Arts Council

Past Artist Support Grantees

(Previously known as Professional Development Grants)



  • Ann Marie Amico
    To support attendance at week-long mixed media and metals workshop at Penland School of Crafts
  • Hsiang-Ting Yen
    To support an advanced stone setting and jewelry wax carving setup.


  • Anderson Boyd
    To support continued development of the NC set feature film “The Lease of Nature”
  • Andrew Harrell
    To support post-production and festival distribution of a short film


  • Jennifer Brown
    To support attendance at the Vermont College Postgraduate Writers’ Conference
  • Virginia Ewing Hudson
    To support onsite research in Tuskahoma, Oklahoma for a novel



  • Diana Bloomfield
    To support a polymer photogravure print making workshop
  • Shane Booth
    To support portraits on location with an 1867 camera.
  • Lidia Churakova
    To support development of public art.
  • Shawn Etheridge
    To support the advancement of the HBCU painting series.
  • Scott Hazard
    To support fabrication of a weathered steel structure with printed panels.
  • Mike Lento
    To support a surreal photography series on nature and landscapes.
  • Janet Link
    To support Winter residency at Penland School of Crafts in the drawing studio.
  • Kenneth Proseus
    To support the creation of a limited print run and pop-up.
  • Joseph Rafferty
    To support framing for a solo art exhibition.
  • Helen Seebold
    To support the purchase of a kiln for mask making and ceramic art.
  • Mike Slobot
    To support purchase of a 3D Printer to enhance sculpture.
  • Linda Starr
    To support the purchase of materials in the medium of acrylic painting



  • Mari FitzWynn
    To support the completion of an African American historical fiction  novel.
  • Suzanne Adair
    To support work as an author at multiple events in North Carolina 1 July 2018–30 June 2019.


  • Andrew Crowe
    ​To support the construction of a small Recording-Studio/Music-Room, being built in a repurposed 40-shipping container in Franklinton, NC.
  • Matthew O’Connell
    To support the tracking, production, and mixing of a full length album.
  • Alice Osborn
    To support the production and completion of a full-length music CD of 12 songs.
  • Greg Whitt
    To support updating community drumming instruments with modern synthetic drums that are easy to sanitize and transport.


  • Ellen Hathaway
    To support partial funding of attending Stephen Aimone’s workshop, “Directed Independent Study of Non-objective composition in Abstract Painting” in Thomaston, ME, by offsetting my costs of workshop, lodging, materials.
  • Becky Joye
    ​To support the advancement of illustration skills and character development in my work.
  • Sean Kernick
    To support a mural project working with local non-proft promoting the universal power of the embrace.
  • Joyce Watkins King
    To support travel and time for art installation in Toronto, Canada for the International Biennial World of Threads Festival, where I have been invited to exhibit an installation work.
  • Jennifer Markowitz
    To support the funding  of completing more work in the15 piece textile art series titled “Fleshmap: My Hand Embroidered, Bipolar Geographies”.
  • Marsha Rogers
    To support my art of pottery making in using a wider kiln to fire large pieces that will enhance the dish and woven bowl design that has proven to be a success.
  • Ann Roth
    To support the purchase of art supplies and studio improvements needed to facilitate a major change of direction in my artwork.
  • Pete Sack
    To support purchasing professional stretcher frames to create 6 larger paintings.
  • Susie Silver
    To support the creation of larger work, provide storage for work in progress and lighting to extend photographic options for presentation of work.



  • Michelle Pearson
    To support research, collaboration, and choreographic process of creating a new performance piece and math/dance integrated workshop on Topology and Knot Theory.


  • Carrie Knowles
    To support work as a writer/artist at a special exhibition in Brisbane, Australia in November 2017.


  • Vivianne Cheng
    To support artistic vision of creating debut album in Austria where the Viennese tradition of classical music is deeply rooted and enable audiences to take home a permanent piece of music.
  • Thomas Taylor
    To support a 3-day live CD recording and concert, held in an intimate theater.


  • Jeff Bell
    Funding for creation of sculpture in two North Carolina locations at the same time.
  • Kiki Farish
    To support purchasing R&F oil sticks for painting 10 doormat floorcloths with richer color marks.
  • Andie Freeman
    To support painting practice to create a larger body of work; photograph work in more professionally; approach galleries for representation; sell art online.
  • Dave Greway
    To support artist growth by updating workshop.
  • Lillian Jones
    To support development of a new technique in enameling jewelry by helping purchase a hydraulic press.
  • Liz Kelly
    To support purchase of first kiln for growing pottery studio practice.
  • Libby O’Daniel
    To support completion of a multi-sensory visual art project that creates a safe space for the Triangle community to get to know local gender bender neighbors.
  • Anna Podris
    To support solo show at Gitanarosa Gallery in NY this October.
  • Jennifer Stas
    To support the purchase of a new electric kiln for pottery studio.

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