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United Arts Council

An opportunity to share why the arts matter

By Eleanor H. Oakley, President/CEO

Yes, art matters. We at United Arts know this and work in daily. To connect with the wi-fi in our conference room/training and exhibit space, our password says “art matters.”  You could say it is in our air.

Several years ago, the National Endowment for the Arts asked its staff why art matters and got the type of thoughtful, sometimes profound responses that give you a large confidence boost in federal employees.  Their responses, which may not have gotten large enough readership, ranged from simple truth to the truly profound.  My favorite was this one, from Amy Stolls:

“The arts matter because without them our strong emotions, our vital voices, our move-to-the-groove energy and necessary empathy and life-affirming connectedness and tendency toward complexity might all wither from disuse, maybe even destroy us through misuse. The arts matter because with them, we matter.” 

If you agree that art matters and understand that it requires sustained funding, you have an opportunity to share those thoughts on May 23-24. ARTS Day is a gathering of artists, arts leaders and arts supporters from across the state to convene as peers and prepare for action (May 23), then meet with their elected representatives at the NC General Assembly (May 24) to deliver a simple, inclusive, positive message.  Register for one or both days and learn more about this event

Because with the arts, everyone matters.

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