Workshops in Songwriting and Puppetry Arts

Workshops in Songwriting and Puppetry Arts

In conjunction with their performance "So Many Ways To Share A Story", Susana and Timmy Abell offer one-, three- and five-day residencies which focus on the writing curriculum through puppetry arts and songwriting. Susana guides students through the process of puppet construction, character development and story form. 3- or 5-day residencies delve deeper into collaborative improvisation, dialog, and critique. Timmy's songwriting workshops explore the basic tools of songwriting, creating new verses for a traditional song, followed by the creation of a new song that is brainstormed, edited, and sung by all. Longer-term residencies explore multiple literary devices such as simile/metaphor, alliteration, and rhyming meter, culminating in a recorded CD/MP3. Susana and Timmy unfailingly inspire and delight their students, leaving them with a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence while tying their respective art forms closely to ELA curriculum goals. Bilingual/Spanish option available.

Artist Background

Silver Trout Arts is a dynamic collaboration of two highly respected teaching artists that combines original music with puppetry and storytelling to open a wide lens on "sharing stories" as a means of self-expression. With 40 years touring experience, Timmy Abell is one of the Southeast's most popular family entertainers. His CDs have won the highest national awards including the prestigious NC Arts Council Fellowship for Songwriting. Timmy has performed at The Kennedy Center, The National Theater and in countless schools across the country. Susana Abell is a bilingual puppeteer, writer and singer with a graduate teaching degree. She has performed and taught on three continents with sponsorship from Carnegie Hall and The Dodge Foundation.

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