Wipe Out Bullying

Wipe Out Bullying

Lola works with one grade level Mon-Thurs, gathering info and discussing how to stop bullies. She helps students write two songs on the topic (one is a rap song), and prepares them to give a musical performance on Friday to the entire school. At assembly kids share information and strategies. They sing, do skits, rap and teach. Mr. Youngman plays and records the accompaniment CD and records the Friday show. He leaves CDs for each performing class so students have a lasting memory of the performance. Covers much of NC Course of Study in Music, Guidance, and Language Arts, with an emphasis on Character Ed. Students who put on the show not only sharpen song writing, singing and performing skills, but feel a lot of pride in performing for their peers and being role models, teaching an important moral lesson. The entire school becomes motivated to stamp out bullies in the school. It’s a week long residency AND performance so you get both for the price of one and the whole school benefits!

Artist Background

A graduate of CMU with 2 teaching certificates; K-9 Music & K-8 Elem classroom, Lola taught Music in Mich & then Wake County NC for a total of 20 yrs. Her choruses got into Pieces of Gold 12 years in a row. She wrote most of their material. In the 1980’s Lola started a Yamaha Music School in Raleigh, for 4-6 year olds. Lola has been teaching piano for 35 years and currently is a professional singer as well. Dave plays 6 instruments. He attended the High School of Music and Art in NYC, and the U of Buffalo. Dave’s played in many bands over the years & even today. Dave & Lola have both released CD’s. Lola believes performing helps kids’ self confidence. She also integrates life lessons into her teaching.

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