Weaving Your History: A Fabric Time Capsule

Weaving Your History: A Fabric Time Capsule

During the residency students weave on a 200-year-old tapestry loom. Class begins with a historical component. They discuss loom construction and how it works. Each student weaves a personal item into a tapestry. The weaving (9ft) remains on permanent display at the school. Students are very stimulated by this experience. Goals: hands on weaving experience; how weaving relates to our lives economically and historically; keep alive an ancient art form; helping students make connections through art, math, history, language, social studies, craftsmanship and computers. Focus: weaving the same way boys and girls their age wove 200 years ago; American life 200 years ago; understand weaving as an integral part of life then and today: fabric for clothes, furnishings, and commercial uses weave their item into the Tapestry which becomes part of their history at school. Appropriate for grades Prek-12 relating to the State Department Standard Course of Study.

Artist Background

My mother, Emily, and I have 39 years of professional weaving and teaching experience. We use the components of learning styles, multiple intelligences, child psychology, discovery learning, and classroom management. We encourage students to take chances to discover answers and come to conclusions for them selves. Discovering students had a difficult time in social studies making a personal connection with people in other places, time and circumstances we began experimenting with music, dance, drama and movement as a vehicle for making those connections. Students became excited about learning! Our process is designed to keep them involved reflecting on what is happening in the learning process so they will continue learning on their own.

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