Collaborative Animated Films

Collaborative Animated Films
Students are motivated to work hard across disciplines and with each other in this workshop designed for our world of online audiovisual communication and collaboration. Easily modified to grade level and subject, hand animation is easy to learn the basics of, but can serve as challenging math lessons and stretch students’ abilities to design and build content in groups where every individual has a role and voice. Primary Learning Goals: • Engage in collaborative roles within a group to research information and create original multimedia content. • Understand connections between art and STEM and art and everyday life • Improve self-esteem and confidence by strengthening social communication and collaboration skills and strengthening hand-eye coordination. • Understand how the principles of design are used for effective visual communication across disciplines and in every day life. • Strengthen math skills by learning about how stop motion animation works. • Learn about how their interests can lead to engaging careers in STEM.

Artist Background

Jaclyn Bowie is a visual and performing artist experienced in public collaborative projects that combine a wide variety of art forms such as animation and spoken word. Her teaching focuses on stop-motion animation and filmmaking as an inclusive, team-building practice. Bowie has exhibited her work and taught residencies and workshops throughout North Carolina and New York, at NCMA, NYSSSA, CAM Raleigh, and The Southeastern Center for Arts Integration at the Cameron Art Museum.

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