The Storytellers’ Fire

The Storytellers’ Fire
Listening to stories develops: emotional intelligence, pattern recognition, creative problem-solving, cultural awareness, and empathy for others. In both form and content, The Storytellers' Fire directly addresses Essential Standards in Theatre Arts and Common Core Standards for English Language Arts such as Key Ideas and Details; Craft and Structure; Phonological Awareness and Fluency. Students also explore core concepts in Science for Inquiry, Systems, Processes, and Change as they explore the natural world for ancient patterns that create new stories. A Telling Experience also addresses The Revised Bloom's Taxonomy in Cognitive Processes such as Explaining and Inferring: Folk narratives abound with cause-and-effect plot structures such as the cumulative tale; in The Knowledge Dimension such as Conceptual Knowledge and Meta-Cognitive Knowledge. Careful selection of material, opportunities to participate, and the associations formed between stories involve the listener.

Artist Background

When the truth reveals itself, we call it A Telling Experience. David Novak tells stories to enhance learning, engage emotion, and find common ground. He is a performing and teaching artist with the Lincoln Center Institute, L.A. Music Center, festivals and institutes across the nation and abroad. A Master Storyteller for The Disney Institute in 1995-96, he was awarded the National Storytelling Network Circle of Excellence in 2002, and is often featured at the National Storytelling Festival. Recently, he was Keynote Speaker and Master Teacher for Sydney International Storytelling Conference in Australia. A published author and recording artist, with an MFA from UC San Diego, David lives in Asheville.

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