The Art of Bookmaking

The Art of Bookmaking

Learn how to create a variety of book styles and bindings using assorted materials. Professional artist, Jeny Brill, has been making books with children for years. The books we make can become a vehicle for a child’s report, study of a subject matter, life cycle of an animal, or a means of visual auto biography. We will look at books as an art form as well as a relevant part of our history as humans. Whether you are a class of literature, history, science or art the books we make will be tailored to support your curriculum and student population. Each student will learn how to make books with reusable as well as traditional materials. This process will engage your students to think outside the box. The books they make will represent who they are and what is important to them. The end results are both beautiful and empowering to the students. Once your class has experienced this process they will be able to use this art form for future projects both at school and at home.

Artist Background

Jeny Brill studied painting at Skidmore College and received her master’s degree in Montessori Education. She spent more than two decades using art to enhance student’s learning in all areas of the academic curriculum. Jeny found that this supported all learning styles and challenges. She believes that Art is an accessible medium for children to show mastery of subject material even when reading or writing is a challenge. Recently Jeny was asked to create a curriculum for the NC Museum of Art to teach a follow up art class for school’s visiting the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit. Jeny is a mixed media artist in North Raleigh and teaches regularly at NCMA, Artspace and the Museum of Life and Science.

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