Tally Up!

Tally Up!

David Novak shares activities from storytelling, creative dramatics, and arts-integrated lessons combining math and literacy. Effective storytelling requires basic numeracy, sequencing, and combinatorics. The writing of language and the recording of stories emerged from tallying and record keeping. Today, the word “tell” continues to mean “tally.” A Bank Teller counts money; a Story Teller recounts events. They must both be able to manage various equations; the one involves numbers, the other involves narrative. Beginning with simple nursery rhymes then progressing through folk tales and literature, we learn to make effective stories while developing related mathematical skills. Tell & Tally addresses Essential Standards in Theatre Arts, Language Arts, and in Math such as Abstract and Quantitative Reasoning, Modeling, and Pattern Recognition.

Artist Background

A Telling Experience enriches learning, entertains imagination, engages emotion, and celebrates our common ground. Featuring storyteller and teaching artist, David Novak, A Telling Experience offers live storytelling and interactive learning experiences including workshops, residencies and professional development. Highly prized for his ability to bring ancient tales, classic myths, and original stories to life and enthrall audiences of all ages, international storyteller, David Novak, is in demand for his school presentations, stage plays, keynotes, and workshops. Smithsonian Magazine describes him as “a gifted teller who enhances his stories with a bag of tricks.” Novak is recipient of the Circle of Excellence for storytelling and the Aurand Harris Memorial Playwrighting Award for excellence in professional theatre for children. David’s 30+ year’s experience as a performing and teaching artist includes a stint as Master Storyteller for The Disney Company, tours for The Lincoln Center Institute, L.A. Music Center, and as a featured storyteller for the National Storytelling Festival. His international appearances include the Singapore StoryFest, Sydney International Storytelling Conference, Czech Children’s Theatre Festival, the Wroclaw Institute of Technology in Poland, and international school tours throughout China. David is an A+ Fellow for the NC Arts Council and a Wolf Trap Teaching Artist.

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