Stories With Claire Storytelling Workshops

Stories With Claire Storytelling Workshops

Public speaking is one of the most useful skills in school and the work force, and one of the scariest. These storytelling and theater-based workshops introduce participants to speaking in front of people in a fun, carefree, and educational way. Games encourage students to feel free of self-consciousness or stage-fright and to discover the fun that storytelling and public speaking can be. Emphasized techniques and skills include: paying attention to surroundings; speaking and thinking quickly in a public situation; and encouraging imagination and storytelling skills in a public, but risk-free, setting.

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Storyteller Claire Ramsey has a strong background and experience in storytelling and theater. She studied storytelling and theater in college and university and is a regular storytelling performer across North Carolina especially in library and school programs. Accomplishments include: Past President of the NC Storytelling Guild and Premier Storyteller of Wake Forest. Notable programs include: workshops for Cary Academy’s Ubuntu Celebration; themed storytelling for Sterling Montessori; historical programs for Granville Historical Museum and the Holly Springs Arts Council; and featured performances at Vance County Storytelling Festivals. Claire Ramsey believes storytelling helps people value education and learn from one another.

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