Science Through the Arts

Science Through the Arts

In this three-day residency designed for grades 6-8, students participate in drama-based activities that teach and reinforce important science vocabulary words while also engaging the actor’s tools of body, voice, imagination and ensemble. On day two students apply character-related activities to science concepts to bring them to life and deepen understanding. On day three, students apply their detailed knowledge by creating and sharing brief performances with the class. Teachers can choose from two content areas: Phases and Characteristics of Matter or Food Webs and Ecosystems.

Artist Background

Raleigh Little Theatre’s education program engages young people ages 2-18 in theatrical training and personal development. Raleigh Little Theatre is dedicated to the belief that theatre training promotes self esteem, builds confidence, stimulates creativity, sharpens communication skills, fosters an appreciation of community, raises cultural awareness, celebrates diversity, encourages respect for self and others and lays a foundation for a lifelong love of the arts. The study of theatre not only trains students to be better actors, it inspires them to be better people.

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