Read! Dance! Write!

Read! Dance! Write!
A three-day residency in which students jump and spin their way into a physical and cognitive understanding of the mechanics of reading and writing. Day one: evaluate basic sentence structure; learn to identify the verb in a sentence; read language of dance symbols, develop dance/English dictionary of symbols and words, create movements for each dance symbol, choreograph and informally perform sequences. Students write their dance sentences in English. Day two: Students learn symbols for adverbs that relate to time, qualities of movement and direction. They then use the verb and adverb symbols to choreograph, perform and write sentences. Day three: students use dance symbols to create, choreograph, and perform a paragraph of dance adventures. Adventures can relate to storybooks, historical themes or their own creativity. Modified according to grade level. Workshops on sentences and adverbs can be enjoyed singly.

Artist Background

Jody Cassell is a Teaching Artist in Dance, interactive dancing storyteller, and author of the children’s book “Where’s Leon”? The Durham Arts Council chose Jody as a 2010-2011 Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artist Recipient. She served as a Master Artist for the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts in Vienna, VA from 2003-2013 and currently teaches classes for young children at the American Dance Festival community studios. Jody earned a M.F.A. in Dance from New York University School of the Arts, New York, NY and a M.S. (Dance/Movement Therapy) from Hunter College of the City University of New York, NY. She enjoys dancing with special needs populations. Movement possibilities provide a rich foundation for living.

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