Rags To Riches Theatre

Rags To Riches Theatre

We bring books to life on stage! All of our plays last about 40 minutes and will fit perfectly in to a media or art rotation. Our plays are original adaptations of folk tales and fairy tales. Our plays support the Common Core curriculum in English Language Arts Standards of speaking and listening, language, writing, and helps to fulfill the standard 10 exposure to a range of text type. Fall 2019 shows are: The Owl and the Turtle, Rapunzel, and Jack Tales. The Gingerbread Boy is available in December only. Winter 2020 shows are: The Princess and the Pea, Old Aesop's Tales, and Caught in the Web.

Artist Background

Rags to Riches Theatre is a traveling theatre troupe, entertaining the young and the young at heart with stories pulled from history, literature, and fantasy.  Our performances include music, laughter, and improvisation.  Each year we put out a repertoire for the season, packing our props into a trunk and quite literally taking our show on the road. We perform in front of hundreds of people each month. 


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