Poetry Alive! Residency

Poetry Alive! Residency

Your students put on the show! Like our performances, our residencies are designed to help each school achieve the goals of its curriculum. Poetry Alive! develops each residency to fit the educational philosophy of the school. For greater effectiveness, we consult with teachers and administrators many times before ever visiting a school. This preparation allows us to set up a structure that teachers can use year after year. Our goal is to introduce the concept of the “poem performance” as a mechanism for increasing the students’ appreciation and understanding of poetry.

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Poetry Alive!® is the Reading, Writing and Performing Connection!® Poetry Alive!® empowers educators to prepare 21st Century learners with critical thinking activities, in-depth analysis, and communication skills. It partners with educators to prepare students to thrive in the interconnected and diverse world community. Enhance your Common Core curriculum with Poetry Alive! performances and workshops! Our high-energy performances and interactive workshops provide students with a more in-depth exploration of literary analysis, and writing and speaking skills. Let us help your school integrate the new Common Core curriculum standards in an entertaining and inspiring way.

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