Mime: Our Physical Language

Mime: Our Physical Language

In this workshop, students explore the art form of mime, from a simple warm-up through composition. In the course of the residency, I introduce the art form of mime as a form of communication as well as expression. The students, using mime, create characters, activities, objects and settings. By the end of the week the students are working in groups creating theatrical settings with characters and action.

I integrate the art form of mime with the North Carolina Essential Standards with the focus on English Language Arts & Theatre Arts. Here are some examples of Standards touched upon during the residency:

Theatre Arts-
NCES.6.TA.C.1.1 – Use physical movement and acting skills to express a variety of emotions to an audience.
NCES.6.TA.C.2.1 – Use improvisation and acting skills to role play various scenarios and given situations.

English Language Arts-
CCSS.NCEX.ELA-Literacy.SL.6.6 – Communicate precisely (i.e., provide specific and complete information) or efficiently (i.e., telegraphic communication) as required by the context, task, and communication partner.
CCSS.NCEX.ELA-Literacy.RL.6.3 – Describe the ways that characters respond to a problem or event in a story.

I can also adapt the Mime Residency activities to suit the integration of other subjects such as Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.

Artist Background

Currently Jef performs mime, variety arts and Mask Theater at fairs and festivals throughout the South. As a teaching artist he also shares workshops and residencies in his art form as well as in arts integration. Currently Jef is the Teaching Artist Consultant for the South Carolina Arts Commission’s ArtsGrowSC Program, offering professional development for teachers and teaching artists in arts integration. He is a founding member of the Southeast Center for Arts Integration. Jef apprenticed with with C.W. Metcalf and Tony Montanaro, with brief instruction from Jacques Lecoq. From 1976 to 1993 Jef was a member TOUCH, North Carolina’s touring mime theater ensemble. From 1993 through 1997, Jef created the character and performed as Wool E. Bull- the mascot for the Durham Bulls Baseball Team.

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