Marc Spiegel, Storyteller Extraordinaire

Marc Spiegel, Storyteller Extraordinaire

Marc Spiegel dramatically performs his original stories in verse, narrative prose and song. Audience participation is a hallmark of Marc’s stories as is his obvious pleasure in bringing his stories to life. During his program, Marc explains various ways to find story ideas, illustrating each with an example of one of his own stories. These include: paying attention to what goes on in the world around you, drawing inspiration from other stories, writing about yourself as well as making up a character, describing the character, putting the character in a situation and making something happen. Students, not only enjoy Marc’s stories and their participation in the performance, but they importantly see how a story is built from its original inspiration to its final form.

Artist Background

Marc Spiegel dramatically performs his original work in verse, song and narrative prose for both children and adults in schools, libraries, and festivals. As a storyteller he has performed at the Kennedy Center, the International Children’s Festival and the White House Millennium Celebration. He has portrayed Albert Einstein in his original “Einstein Alive” at schools and museums from the Arctic Ocean to the Everglades. Marc is best known for the vivid animation of his presentation and the high degree of audience involvement. Marc co-wrote “Time Capsule In A Milkcan” with the Smithsonian’s Discovery Theater and the U.S. Holocaust Museum in which Marc portrayed Emmanuel Ringlebloom, chronicler of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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