In this hands-on STEAM residency, students build a physical representation of their personal legacy brick by brick using legos. Students will photograph their Legocy sculptures and write a creative writing piece describing their personal legacy. Students will learn about various 3D artists that use Lego bricks to bring their artistic ideas to life such as sculptors, Sean Kenney and Nathan Sawaya and Legographer, Andrew Whyte.

This program can be adapted to focus on the legacies of historical, contemporary, and cultural figures and events (Women’s History, Black History, North Carolina History, etc.), as well as cross-curricula subjects and topics.

This program can be tailored to meet specific grade level standards and school needs. Other possibilities include: bullying, leadership, character development, and Covey’s Seven Habits.

This program can be adapted and modified as a 1-4 day program.

Artist Background

Megan Oteri is the CEO of Brick Scholars, a mobile STEAM lab that offers programs to children and adults. She is active with organizations that research, promote and advocate for playful learning such as the LEGO Foundation, Play in Education Development & Learning (PEDAL), and the US Play Coalition.

She is a sought after speaker and workshop designer for STEAM, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, design thinking, playful learning, and creativity conferences and workshops. She has worked with PreK to university level students and educators throughout the United States and globally.

Megan has a Masters Degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from East Carolina University and a Bachelors Degree in Special and Elementary Education from Providence College. She is the United States ambassador for the Agency for Cultural Diplomacy.

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