FORGE: Connections through Arts Integration

FORGE: Connections through Arts Integration

FORGE builds connections in collaboration with classroom teachers and has the ability to work within any subject. NCT pairs a core curriculum subject with theatre for an arts integrated residency which is an approach to teaching where students engage in a creative process that strengthens and demonstrates core curriculum understanding through theatre’s art form. NCT specifically offers residencies in English/Literature, History, or Science classrooms. FORGE’s strength is the ability to seamlessly fit into existing curriculum, exploring any module and can satisfy existing objectives. FORGE’s value is being able to expand the existing curriculum introducing theatre standards that creates a true arts integrated approach with evolving objectives in both the core subject and the arts. The project is designed for flexible commitment, offering 1-day exploration workshops, a 3-day enrichment residency, up to a full 10-session residency that culminates in a final sharing of the work.

Students engage in a creative process that encourages them to be thinking as artists, using art as the vehicle for students to construct and demonstrate understanding in the designated subject area. FORGE utilizes small group learning that facilitates students’ engagement to the subject and the tenants of collaborative art making. FORGE can exist in any module and make connections while creating an experience that allows students to make text to real world connections. Example included in an English classroom explores Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justice by Phillip Hoose and mirrors a choice for 8th grades Module 3. A full lesson plan can be found in our educational materials provided. While the structure of the residency remains the same, the essential question is created based on feedback from the classroom teachers, and activities in each creative corner is constructed to build off the unique essential question.

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

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North Carolina Theatre serves as Raleigh’s only fully professional Equity theatre, producing and uplifting the unique American art-form of musical theatre through professional mainstage productions, theatre training for youth; broad community access to the arts; and arts-in-education programs in schools and community partners across the region. NCT champions the artistic growth and engagement of the community through its Conservatory department with four distinct pillars. Young people and community members can engage with NCT through Artistic Training, Summer camp programming, Creative Engagement for Youth, and Community Engagement projects. Through its Creative Engagement programming, NCT partners with educators and students through comprehensive in-school arts programming. These programs are designed to SPARK dialogue, IGNITE conversation, FORGE connections, and ILLUMINATE ideas. NCT is dedicated to removing barriers and bringing theatre directly to schools.

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