FORGE: Connections through Arts Integration

FORGE: Connections through Arts Integration

North Carolina Theatre offers custom Workshops and Residency Programs that use an arts-integrated approach to connect any subject with theatre. Arts integration is a creative process that strengthens and demonstrates core curriculum understanding through theatre’s creative and collaborative process. NCT specifically offers programs in English/literature, history, science, and fine arts classrooms. NCT Workshops & Residencies seamlessly fit into existing curriculum and can satisfy existing objectives. The project is designed for flexible commitment and custom scheduling, including options such as one-day exploration Workshops or semester-long Residencies that delve deep into content.

Alongside a professional theatre Teaching Artist, students engage in a creative process that encourages them to be thinking as artists, using art as the vehicle to demonstrate understanding in the designated subject area. Workshops & Residencies utilize small group learning that focuses on collaborative art making and can culminate in formal or informal presentations. Through concepts such as playwrighting, characterization, songwriting, dance, creative play, and improvisation, students make connections between text and the real world — all while having fun and building social/emotional skills!

Artist Background

North Carolina Theatre serves as Raleigh’s only fully professional Equity theatre, producing and uplifting the unique American art-form of musical theatre through professional mainstage productions, theatre training for youth, broad community access to the arts, and arts-in-education programs in schools and community partners across the region. NCT champions the artistic growth and engagement of the community through its Conservatory department. Young people and community members can engage with NCT Conservatory through Artistic Training, Summer Programming, and Community Engagement projects. NCT is dedicated to removing barriers and bringing theatre directly to schools.

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