Force and Motion: Science, Dance, and Drama

Force and Motion: Science, Dance, and Drama
How can dance, mime, and drama help students learn and teachers teach scientific concepts? In both mime and Science, there are invisible forces acting on bodies. Dance and Science share vocabulary and concepts like weight, heavy-light, push-pull, position words, and more. Dance, mime, and Theatre provide great models for explaining much of Physical Science, like sound-waves, planetary interaction, the water cycle, balanced and unbalanced forces, geological change over time, and more. Science students need to develop and use models to demonstrate, for example, how the amount or type of a force affects the motion of an object. They can demonstrate their models by performing a dance, mime, or scene. This workshop begins with practicing the rules of moving safely in class. Then students explore grade-level Physical Science concepts through movement. They demonstrate their understanding by collaboratively creating and performing dance, mime, or drama pieces. They watch the performances of their peers and respond with critical thinking about what they see. It is suitable for K-8 students and their teachers.

Artist Background

Sheila Kerrigan has performed and taught in schools and communities in 22 states. She co-directed and performed with TOUCH Mime Theater for 17 years, and directed and performed with Jelly Educational Theater for 4. She wrote “The Performer’s Guide to the Collaborative Process.” She served with Alternate ROOTS’ Resources for Social Change and taught “Community-Based Performance, Where Art and Activism Intersect” at Duke. She works with youth-at-risk to create original performances about issues important to them. A former Fellow with the A+ Schools Program and current president of the SE Center for Arts Integration, she teaches arts integration theory & practice to teachers. She has studied teaching artistry with The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, and at Trinity College, Dublin.

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