Einstein Alive!

Einstein Alive!

Einstein talks about his life and the “adventures” in his mind. Using song and audience participation, Einstein vividly describes how Physics (with a ph not an f) studies matter and energy, and the basic premise of relativity. He explains that a theory is a like a guess to solve a puzzle or mystery. Einstein uses humor and the lively audience participation song “Push-Pull” to demonstrate how both standing still and moving require a push or a pull force that needs something else. He then uses everyday experience to show how the term “relative” means needing something else. The program is adapted for different grade levels. The K-5 show concludes with an unforgettable illustration of motion’s relativity using his “relative motion platform, audience participation and assistance by a willing teacher. The 6-8 program ends with Einstein’s explanation of how his imagination solved the puzzle of relativity in 1905 and the “Speed of Light finale song. A spirited Q & A session follows.

Artist Background

Marc Spiegel dramatically performs his original work in verse, song and narrative prose for both children and adults in schools, libraries, and festivals. As a storyteller he has performed at the Kennedy Center, the International Children’s Festival and the White House Millennium Celebration. He has portrayed Albert Einstein in his original “Einstein Alive” at schools and museums from the Arctic Ocean to the Everglades. Marc is best known for the vivid animation of his presentation and the high degree of audience involvement. Marc co-wrote “Time Capsule In A Milkcan” with the Smithsonian’s Discovery Theater and the U.S. Holocaust Museum in which Marc portrayed Emmanuel Ringlebloom, chronicler of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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