Dancing Skeletons! Muscles! Joints!

Dancing Skeletons! Muscles! Joints!
This three-day residency is comprised of three separate workshops about skeletons, muscles and joints. Through active participation in the making and informal performance of creative dance phrases the students will learn the three functions of the skeleton and be able to perform the American Sign Language signs for each function; learn what muscles actions make muscles move and create movement phrases that emphasize different qualities of movements from floating to pressing in order to demonstrate the differences in the use of their muscles. They will also be able to define, and articulate the movement of gliding, hinge and ball and socket joints and create movement phrases to kinetically demonstrate their understanding. Dancing Skeletons! Dancing Muscles! and Dancing Joints! are available as individual workshops.

Artist Background

Jody Cassell is a Teaching Artist in Dance, interactive dancing storyteller, and author of the children’s book Where’s Leon? The Durham Arts Council chose Jody as a 2010-2011 Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artist Recipient. She served as a Master Artist for the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts in Vienna, VA from 2003-2013 and currently teaches classes for young children at the American Dance Festival community studios. Jody earned a M.F.A. in Dance from New York University School of the Arts, New York, NY and a M.S. (Dance/Movement Therapy) from Hunter College of the City University of New York, NY. She enjoys dancing with special needs populations. Movement possibilities provide a rich foundation for living.

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