Black Box Dance Workshops for the Classroom

Black Box Dance Workshops for the Classroom

Black Box Dance Theatre believes the best way to understand something differently/deeper/authentically is to make a dance about it! Workshops are individually designed in collaboration with cultural arts rep and teaching teams to elicit & integrate ideas in the construction of new dances related to the curriculum. Workshops include studies & creations of modern dances with literary themes such as Shel Silverstein’s poetry & cultural themes such as the celebration of “Dia de los Muertos” & the historical significance of Capoeria. Other curricular connections include: Plate tectonics & Earth forms, The Underground Railroad, Simple Machines, Weather, Heat Energy, Force and Motion, Fun with Geometry Formulas, and Grammar on the Groove. Every workshop allows for full student participation as they learn the history of modern dance, one of the only art forms created in America, & that dance is often made in response to things happening in the world around us. Students are left with the pride that comes from creating dances & the knowledge that learning can happen in more than one way.

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Black Box Dance Theatre has performed for thousands across NC and is a favorite of both students and educators. Known for their non-fiction accounts of the world, the troupe has expertise in making dances that are relevant and inspirational to audiences of all ages. It matters who is dancing and what you are dancing about: this modern dance company includes a hip hop dancer, a ballerinas, and a Purple Heart Army veteran all adding to the artistry on stage. Michelle Pearson, Artistic Director, has co-authored a Virtual Tool Box with methods and steps for bringing dance into the classroom.

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