Dance Integration Residencies

Dance Integration Residencies

During our dance integration residencies, students will have the opportunity to explore a core curriculum topic through creative movement. Carolina Ballet teaching artists will work with teachers to design a program that meets the particular needs of their students. Creative movement is an excellent avenue for teaching literacy, math, or science concepts in an engaging, hands on way. All lessons are based around the state curriculum objectives for the chosen residency topic. In addition, students will hone movement skills such as body control, coordination, and balance. They will acquire new movement vocabulary and practice cooperation in group activities. Each lesson is structured similarly, with a warm up for the brain and body, several movement-based learning activities, and a cooldown exercise. This residency engages all learners through multisensory experiences and active participation. Movement is a powerful learning tool that we want to bring to your classrooms!

Artist Background

Carolina Ballet performs world-class professional ballet, entertaining and enlightening audiences in Raleigh, the Triangle region, North Carolina and beyond. The Ballet’s repertoire is an eclectic mix of classical works, traditional story ballets, and new choreography by some of the world’s most gifted choreographers. In addition, Carolina Ballet is committed to educating current and future audiences through programs for school children. We offer students the opportunity to attend educational matinees of performances as well as bring the arts into the schools through our programs Dancers in Schools, Moving Bodies Learning Minds, and Dance Integration Residencies. The Ballet has brought the arts to over 60,000 students during our history.

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