Bollywood Dance: Explore a popular, global, cultural phenomenon

Bollywood Dance: Explore a popular, global, cultural phenomenon

In this workshop, students will learn the cultural influences of the Bollywood dance genre, its origin & evolution and its significance today in diverse America. Students will likely see a short, live dance by presenter/s and enjoy the fun, versatile elements. They would then be taught short pieces. Kids would understand how lyrical context is expressed with eloquent facial or physical expression. They will also learn to compare the techniques of Bollywood, using full body coordination and foreign musicality versus other dance forms. Students can take away these pieces to use in future school presentations. A Study Guide or a Video may, in addition, be provided as part of post-workshop activities and resources for follow-up guidance. Small props or clothing used during the workshop may be additionally provided by presenter where necessary, within the cost. This workshop can be offered in conjunction with full 20-minute performance and can also be expanded up to a 5-day residency for high school students, where they get to work in groups to create their own original Bollywood dance.

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Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Specializing in Bollywood Dance, graduate from the University of Bombay (Bombay= birthplace of “Bollywood”= Mumbai), representative of college society’s competitive Dance team, I have performed/professed since the 90’s. As Top Five Finalist in Indian Dance Championships, I coached students in Mumbai for a decade. Incorporating Bollywood fitness as an elective subject at academic schools, I fostered community programs to put gifted kids in the spotlight. With their continued success in TV reality shows, musical theatre, live events, my courses became popular with the wider public. In 2000, moving offshore to Dubai & New Zealand, promoting Bollywood Dance to the larger communities, I worked with top brands, hospitality, recreation, besides education. My skills include classical Indian and folk dances, scripting sketches.

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