All Dance, Repertory Performances

All Dance, Repertory Performances

Kinetic Works Repertory performances bring the pure art form of dance into your school. Excerpts from a variety of repertory choreographed by Artistic Director, Martha Connerton and performed by four outstanding dancers in costumes. The works are selected to be appropriate for school settings. Students will learn about choreographic process, the lives of dancers and how the art form of dance is a powerful language that communicates ideas and emotions using the human body as an instrument. Core curriculum connections include Dance, Math skills used in creating and performing dance, language skills used in storytelling, science concepts including laws of motion and human kinesthetics, social studies concepts in history and multicultural studies. Your students and teachers will be mesmerized by the diverse range of dance styles and masterful artistry of the dancers.

Both in-person and virtual (live and pre-recorded) options are available for this program.

Artist Background

Martha Connerton/Kinetic Works, is a multifaceted dance company that performs in schools, concert venues and non-traditional spaces such as museums, community centers and outdoor street performances. KINETYX Dance Ensemble is a four member group that tours exclusively to schools. Kinetic Works is on the Touring Artist rosters for North and South Carolina, Raleigh-Wake, Fayetteville/Cumberland and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Arts Councils. The dance company serves over 25,000 students annually. Martha Connerton has over 30 years of experience as a teaching artist. She has worked for Lincoln Center Institute, Kennedy Center VSA, Blumenthal Education Institute, and is on state and county rosters throughout the Carolinas.

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