A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

In this digital storytelling residency, students take digital photographs and write 1,000 words about the photo of their choice. Students showcase their photographs and writing in a digital art show. Students learn about photography, as well as ways to improve their photographs through editing techniques. Students learn how to identify and act on what inspires them as a photographer and writer.

This program can be adapted to meet specific cross-curricula grade level objectives and/or focus on a particular subject or theme.

At least 12 iPads/tablets with a camera or camera phones (if allowed), or digital cameras are needed. If digital cameras are used, computers and USB cords will be needed to download photos. Students can share devices or digital cameras. If school does not have digital cameras or tablets, other options include borrowing from another school, school district resource library, camera rentals, or business sponsorships. This program can be adapted and modified for time constraints and budget limitations to a two to four-day workshop.

This program requires additional volunteer time commitment prior to the residency. Electronic folders required for each student. If classes do not already have folders, they will need to be created before the start date.

Artist Background

Megan Oteri is an educator with vision and purpose. Her forte is helping students find their unique voices, and unleashing the power of story within each child.

She has taught Language Arts to a wide range of students and is no stranger to the classroom, having worked with youth from elementary through high school. In addition, she has designed, developed, and presented at numerous conferences on writing, STEAM education, and playful learning.

Megan has a Masters Degree in English with a concentration in Creative Nonfiction from East Carolina University and a Bachelors Degree in Special and Elementary Education from Providence College.

She is the United States ambassador for the Agency for Cultural Diplomacy. She is a freelance writer and photographer. Her writing and photography have appeared in national and international publications.

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